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An award-winning content package that connected the Web, social media and print while highlighting women in Silicon Valley who utilize Twitter to advance their careers. The project culminated with a panel of 10 businesswomen in the region leading a Twitter chat for our audience about using the tool in the workplace. The chat itself went viral, with participants from all over the world and attention from Twitter itself.


The shadow of success: Facing the facts on Silicon Valley’s affordable housing crisis

The first cover story I served as the editor on at the Silicon Valley Business Journal, about a year into my tenure. Lauren Hepler, our economic development reporter, was taking on the biggest issue facing Silicon Valley: Affordable housing. It’s quite easy (too easy) for Silicon Valley blogs to focus on the next cool app, a successful IPO or some other fluffy storyline that drives clicks. It’s challenging, entirely difficult and frustrating, to take on a topic that is not light, nor popular and sexy. But that’s exactly what we set out to do.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.02.31 PM

Twenty-something in Silicon Valley: A manifesto for the young professional

The “Twenty-something in Silicon Valley” project represents the epitome of what I believe to be my core mission as a professional. The goal of this project was to turn the audience we had built as an online publication into a real-life community. Focused on San Jose tech workers, we have been able to bring together an estranged community with our Happy Hour as a Service (#HHaaS) initiative.

Our readers are typically older, white, male executives. I found myself looking at that reality and asking myself, “where is my voice?” Where is our voice?

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Five reasons why you should never, ever get a master’s degree in social media

Social media

One way to avoid Instagram anxiety


Silicon Valley Visionaries: A priority bigger than the bottom line

Silicon Valley Visionaries

A conversation with social media pioneer Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah Owyang

On Yahoo, social media and the one that got away


Why Vine is perfect for brands to reach teens


Digital fitness: The quantified self and how your desk is trying to kill you

Treadmill desk

On technology, distance and fantasy football

Fantasy Football


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