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2015 will always be my favorite year

I had a lot of trouble writing this piece. I knew I wanted to, somehow, sum up 2015 for you–and for myself. It was a challenging year for myself, on both a personal and professional level, and, every time I tried to write, my words were more disgusted than triumphant, more pained than pleased, more […]


It really is an honor to be here this evening and speak to you all about a program that has had such a positive impact on my life. There are few organizations that resonate with me so deeply than Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am forever in the debt of this organization and my Big […]

Here’s to 2015

The closing of a year always draws us backwards and inwards. We reflect upon what we’ve accomplished, where we fell short, how we’ve grown and what we’ve learned over the past 12 months. 2014 was a big one for me. And I hope that it was as much for you, too. Maybe you got a […]

Gaining Perspective

I live my life – both professionally and personally – largely in the open. As a social media and community-building professional, it comes with the territory. And, as anyone who works in the industry can attest to, the best way to establish and foster trust with the community you are building is to be transparent. […]

Number 27: Right Above It

Note: I wanted to make sure to publish this before being happy with it because of the timing. Many of you are graduating or getting your Master’s around this time, and even more of you have expressed to me how unhappy you are with your current job or life situation otherwise. We’ve all been there […]

What day is it again?

UPDATE: I’m taking a week or so off from publishing my blog. I was going to post this yesterday, but didn’t want people to think I was April Fooling them. This week has been incredibly busy and will be even busier on the backend, coupled with some engagements this weekend and a UConn National Championship […]

Day 26: On the three things

There’s an old saying. I’m not exactly sure how it goes. But it’s something like this: “There are three things a man has that you should not mess with: His wife. His children. And his alma mater.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, the UConn Huskies ARE my wife and kids. And we were left for dead. […]

Day 24 & 25: West Cliff & Columbia

Black is not a color most people would associate with beauty. Black is the absence of all light. The absence of all color. Most people would be wrong. Black is the canvas on which imagination, reflection, dreams come to life. Darkness allows beauty to shine. The moon. The stars. No matter where in the world […]

Day 23: On flipping over the desk

I was driving home from Sausalito. Saturday morning. I was just pulling onto Hwy 1 when SVP & Russillo got into the Jim Calhoun story that was circulating (I was listening to the previous day’s podcast and, if you’re a sports fan, their podcast is can’t miss). If you’re unfamiliar – and you absolutely shouldn’t be […]

Day 22: Style

Get your hair cut regularly, a week before you will look like you need one. Modern, but classic. Clean. Never too trendy. Tip well. Get your eyebrows plucked and trimmed. It’s not girly or feminine. It’s about details. Clip your nails. Shave often. Leave stubble. Never let the hairs over run the first thing anyone will notice […]