Monthly Archives: March 2014

Day 26: On the three things

There’s an old saying. I’m not exactly sure how it goes. But it’s something like this: “There are three things a man has that you should not mess with: His wife. His children. And his alma mater.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, the UConn Huskies ARE my wife and kids. And we were left for dead. […]

Day 24 & 25: West Cliff & Columbia

Black is not a color most people would associate with beauty. Black is the absence of all light. The absence of all color. Most people would be wrong. Black is the canvas on which imagination, reflection, dreams come to life. Darkness allows beauty to shine. The moon. The stars. No matter where in the world […]

Day 23: On flipping over the desk

I was driving home from Sausalito. Saturday morning. I was just pulling onto Hwy 1 when SVP & Russillo got into the Jim Calhoun story that was circulating (I was listening to the previous day’s podcast and, if you’re a sports fan, their podcast is can’t miss). If you’re unfamiliar – and you absolutely shouldn’t be […]

Day 22: Style

Get your hair cut regularly, a week before you will look like you need one. Modern, but classic. Clean. Never too trendy. Tip well. Get your eyebrows plucked and trimmed. It’s not girly or feminine. It’s about details. Clip your nails. Shave often. Leave stubble. Never let the hairs over run the first thing anyone will notice […]

Day 21: The Maze

It was a really cute neighborhood when we moved in. It was the summer before I started kindergarten. I remember sitting on our couch with my two brothers on our new lawn. I remember watching as our furniture and belongings were moved into our new home. I remember it being a very hot August day […]

Day 20: Halfway

Lord it’s a hard thing to overcome to wake up and find the whiskey’s gone. I roll out of bed. I grab a new pair of boxer-briefs and an A-shirt from my dresser. I open my bedroom door and walk across the hall into the bathroom. I turn on the lights. I place my garments […]

Day 18 and 19: Inside the birdcage

Gonna drift to the great wide open Gonna set my spirit free Wont stop until I reach the ocean Gonna break these chains holding me This weekend I had the fortune of meeting up with a couple buddies of mine from the east coast. Paul and Nick were in Sausalito working on a documentary for […]

Day 17: When I see this bar

There are few things in this life that will bring you back quite like a bar does. Music is one. Music might be the only one. No, bars are a catalyst for time travel. The establishment exists in a certain location and exists in a certain time of your life. You were a different person […]

Day 16: Dear Mom

Dear Mom, where do I begin? Dear Mom, thank you for teaching us how to ride the city bus by ourselves to go to summer camp at the Boys Club downtown. Thank you for working a full-time job to afford to send us there each summer. Dear Mom, thank you for putting a roof over […]

Day 15: If I won the lottery

We’ve all had that same fantasy. What would we do if we could do absolutely anything? What would we do if money was no object? What would we be able to build and create? What would we accomplish? How would we fill our time? How would we give back: the our family, to our friends, […]