Monthly Archives: January 2013

On champagne corks, the journey, 2012 and symbolism

I drove to up the hill of a road my house is on when I got back to town New Year’s morning. Not for any specific reason, just to see where it went. The road was steep and windy with guardrails on both sides to prevent an awful tumble; a luxury I think all of […]

About that time I wrote a poem about seducing my high school English teacher

Much can be said about the kind of student I was in high school. I assume that’s typical of all of us – and it really depends on who you ask. I went away to college (to UConn, go Huskies, #BleedBlue) and rarely came home at all for four years. I lost touch with a […]

My very cliche 2013 resolutions post

I originally had these wrapped into a bigger, longer, awesomer blog post, but, as it turns out, I couldn’t seem to get the message focused. So, I’ve ripped them out and put them here (#IDoWhatIWant). So, in no particular order, here are some 2013 resolutions – some of which are my own and some of […]