Lift-ing my way to better habits #props

I came across an interesting app the other day called Lift. As the creators put it:

Lift is a simple way to achieve any goal, track your progress, and get the support of your friends.

Indeed. It’s essentially a social network driven by you keeping track of the frequency you work towards goals, “habits” as they’re called, you set for yourself. Others can give you “props” to encourage you on your ambitious quest to be a better person.

The current habits I am tracking are to blog more (which is why I am writing a blog about this #badabing), eating more fruits and vegetables (because I read this about preventing heart disease following Michael Clark Duncan’s death) and going to the gym (which I already do religiously but it couldn’t hurt to keep track, right?).

In fact, when I think about it, in the past when I’ve gone towards two of these goals (blogging and going to the gym) I have a hard time doing both regularly. When I’m at the gym five nights a week, I can’t seem to find time to blog. On the other hand, when I am blogging a lot, I am usually not getting to the gym. Hopefully Lift will be the link to my productivity.

If you want to start using Lift, there are a bunch of different habits to choose from. One popular one is “Inbox Zero” which is clearing out your email each day. I have never seemed to have this issue, but I know a lot of people that do struggle with it. Perhaps I am just already efficient in all things electronic mail. Or maybe I just don’t get as many emails as others. Or maybe I am too quick to check my email during other tasks and forwarding, replying and deleting when I should be focused on the task at hand.

In any event, I should make a habit out of not rambling in blog posts so much #amIright.

What habits would you like to work into your daily routine? Comment below and hook up with me on Lift. I’ll give you some props!


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