RebelMouse is now embeddable! Here I am playing with it.

If this works, below should be my RebelMouse site embedded in this post. My site is set up to generate specific social media posts I share (on Facebook & Twitter).

I am just testing this out, so bear with the lack of any real details or substance to this post. Want a RebelMouse invite? It’s still in beta but they’re expanding a bit. Let me know!

(UPDATE: 7/25/12, 12:46 p.m.) I can’t seem to make it work. I’ve reached out to RebelMouse for support. I will keep you posted.

(UPDATE: 7/25/12, 1:26 p.m.) RebelMouse responds.

[tweet align=’center’]

I’ve had issues embedding before. Looks like I will wait for the WordPress plugin!

(UPDATE 7/26/12, 1:37 p.m.) Though I haven’t been able to embed in WordPress, I have been able to embed on our company’s website. The link goes to a page covering the race for one of Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seats. I used RebelMouse to embed the frontrunners’ ad spots into our site.


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