My Biggest Professional Victory Happened One Year Ago Today

When I started my position at the Record-Journal, I walked into a print-minded newsroom that posted a few stories online each evening and some latest headlines throughout the day. There was little social media presence and the platforms used were often stagnant and lacked engagement. How far we have come.

The biggest culture change and professional victory for my department, and myself, happened one year ago today when a new Page 1 layout was printed for the first time. The new layout included our website’s logo, Facebook and Twitter handles, and highlights of digital content that could be found on our website.

This may seem miniscule, and I would agree with you in the grand scheme of things today, but for us at the time, this was enormous. We’ve continued to push forward over this past year with an award-winning website and award-winning content. I am humbled today thinking about how far we’ve come.

Check out the very first Page 1 layout of the Record-Journal that included an online presence below.


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