Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Biggest Professional Victory Happened One Year Ago Today

When I started my position at the Record-Journal, I walked into a print-minded newsroom that posted a few stories online each evening and some latest headlines throughout the day. There was little social media presence and the platforms used were often stagnant and lacked engagement. How far we have come. The biggest culture change and […]

Data Visualization is QUICKLY Becoming My Favorite Content to Produce

I love infographics and have ever since I saw my first one a few years ago (probably on Mashable). To me, there is nothing more powerful than data- numbers don’t lie. Of course, you can manipulate data to portray things one way or another, but you can’t dispute numbers. In a world where shades of […]

The NYT and Flipboard: My Takeaway and (humble) Advice

Without rehashing what has already been well-written by Poynter’s Jeff Sonderman, the recent deal between the New York Times and third-party app Flipboard is an interesting agreement that raises some questions for publishers and news orgs in general. Sonderman laid out “four things” for us to ponder, but I want to focus on the last […]

3 Ways You Can Help Officially Kill “Call Me Maybe”

Call Me Maybe. You either absolutely love it or completely despise it. There is no gray area here. The viral hit from Carly Rae Jepsen has made it to the top of iTunes, inspired a ridiculous amount of parody videos and has taken the internet by storm. We haven’t seen this kind of craze for […]