Punches thrown. THIS is why our reporters Tweet from city meetings

I’ll be honest with you, most city meetings are boring. OK, all city meetings are boring. They’re the events that every reporter has to cover to boil down 90 minutes of debate into a few  hundred words that the public needs. Why would you need your reporters to Tweet from them as well? For one, it’s great for note taking. Two, something like THIS could happen.

Reporter Dan Brechlin was at a Meriden City Council meeting about Project Labor Agreements. The meeting had much to do with an on going high school renovation project in the city that has been in the papers for months. He Tweets from these regularly, but tonight something out of the ordinary happened. We’ll pick up halfway through his Tweets from the night.

And, of course, his followers had a field day ‘watching’ it happen.

Storify here.


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