I’m using Twitter to sell my body to raise money for the Special Olympics

You read that correctly.

If you haven’t already heard, I, along with a group of friends, will be participating in the Penguin Plunge on March 11, 2012 at Lake Quassy in Middlebury, CT. If you don’t know what the Penguin Plunge is, check out this video.

Basically, a bunch of nut cases jump into a lake that is right around the freezing point. When this act is sanctioned, it is to raise money for a charity or cause. We are doing this feat for the Special Olympics of Connecticut. Here’s where you can get involved in my insanity.

I have decided to have a little more fun with my fundraising. For a $5 donation, I will write any message you want on my body before I plunge. I will be using Twitter to gather these messages so they must be under 140 characters. Please, keep it clean, keep it classy, and spread the word. Use #amplungepledge to Tweet your message.

Here’s where it gets even better. You can choose where on my body you want your message to appear. You can pick anywhere that’s not covered by this Speedo:


Click here to make your $5 donation. C’mon guys, it’s only $5! And it’s for a great cause.




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